These are the 13743 Adventure PC games on GameRequirementsLab.

Paradise Girls System Requirements

Paradise Girls

What is Paradise Girls? Welcome to Paradise Cove, your new home. Now you can freely explore thi...

Tom´s Adventure System Requirements

Tom´s Adventure

What is Tom´s Adventure? Help Tom hack-and-slash his way though a dream from which he cannot w...

Witchbane System Requirements


What is Witchbane? Witchbane is a retro-styled 2D action platformer where you must use your ski...

In Cold Dark System Requirements

In Cold Dark

What is In Cold Dark? An interactive point-and-click space story about rediscovering a life, ou...

Birds Aren't Real System Requirements

Birds Aren't Real

What is Birds Aren't Real? A game ranger discovers a dark secret in the Northern Province of So...

Antumbra - Vile Shards System Requirements

Antumbra - Vile Shards

What is Antumbra - Vile Shards? In a nutshell: Choose Your Own Adventure, Choices Matter, Text-...

Haunting on Howard Hill System Requirements

Haunting on Howard Hill

What is Haunting on Howard Hill? Single-player Horror Adventure through the abandoned site of H...

Lost Island survivor: Lovely grandpa System Requirements

Lost Island survivor: Lovely grandpa

What is Lost Island survivor: Lovely grandpa? Lost Island survivor is a serious game that can c...

Anachroma System Requirements


What is Anachroma? Anachroma est un jeu de puzzle et d’aventure à la première personne dans...

Taro: a fluffy visual novel System Requirements

Taro: a fluffy visual novel

What is Taro: a fluffy visual novel? A world of cats, a VERY soft protagonist and crazy adventu...

The Seagull System Requirements

The Seagull

What is The Seagull? A young woman grows up on the shores of a lake and loves it as the gulls d...

Divisadero System Requirements


What is Divisadero? Disgraced police detectives seek redemption as they unravel the clues to a ...

Gaze Of The Eyeless System Requirements

Gaze Of The Eyeless

What is Gaze Of The Eyeless? Gaze of the Eyeless is a 2D action adventure platformer! Choose yo...

Hack and Slime System Requirements

Hack and Slime

What is Hack and Slime? What could be scarier than a massive dungeon-tower infested with skulls...

HVOR: Confrontation System Requirements

HVOR: Confrontation

What is HVOR: Confrontation? This is a third-person survival horror game where you play as a po...

Hand In Hand System Requirements

Hand In Hand

What is Hand In Hand? An atmospheric platformer with co-op play in single-player mode. Immerse ...

Mac Biskwi Adventures System Requirements

Mac Biskwi Adventures

What is Mac Biskwi Adventures? Mac Biskwi Adventures brings back a nostalgic feeling with a mod...

Don't Be A Baby! System Requirements

Don't Be A Baby!

What is Don't Be A Baby!? Don't Be A Baby! is side scrolling run and gun with heavy influences ...

Diaspora System Requirements


What is Diaspora? Disapora is 3D side scrolling adventure game. The world has come to an end. D...

Arcano System Requirements


What is Arcano? Arcano is an over the top action adventure in VR. Playing as a secret agent, yo...

Crazy Lemmings System Requirements

Crazy Lemmings

What is Crazy Lemmings? Control entire armies of lemmings and solve puzzles

The Dreamwalkers - a low fantasy visual novel System Requirements

The Dreamwalkers - a low fantasy visual novel

What is The Dreamwalkers - a low fantasy visual novel? Take control of Morgan's destiny as his ...

Chriss Cross System Requirements

Chriss Cross

What is Chriss Cross? Play as best friends: Chriss and Cross.Join their adventure to build a ne...

Losted System Requirements


What is Losted? You wakes up in an old castle and cannot even remember your name. What is the y...

Bio-Gun System Requirements


What is Bio-Gun? Get injected into the zany world of Bio-Gun. Join Bek, a vaccine created from ...

Forest Mystery System Requirements

Forest Mystery

What is Forest Mystery? Forest Mystery is a casual walking simulator where you do some quest on...

A Frail Qubit System Requirements

A Frail Qubit

What is A Frail Qubit? In a dark, expansive, and unforgiving world, you are a frail Quantum Bit...

The Aloha Bakery System Requirements

The Aloha Bakery

What is The Aloha Bakery? The Aloha Bakery is a comedic romantic visual novel based in Hawaii. ...

Monsters, Briefcase and Road System Requirements

Monsters, Briefcase and Road

What is Monsters, Briefcase and Road? Colorful bitemap, which takes place in the world of monst...

Final Frame System Requirements

Final Frame

What is Final Frame? Inspired by Danganronpa and Ace Attorney series, Final Frame is a murder m...