These are the 1936 Racing PC games on GameRequirementsLab.

Aria's Wing System Requirements

Aria's Wing

What is Aria's Wing? Take flight as a dragon rider in Virtual Reality, and race other riders to...

FAST DRIVE: Extreme Race & Drift System Requirements

FAST DRIVE: Extreme Race & Drift

What is FAST DRIVE: Extreme Race & Drift? FAST DRIVE: Extreme Race & Drift is a dynamic racing ...

Tanky Panky System Requirements

Tanky Panky

What is Tanky Panky? Fun, chaotic, cut-throat multiplayer vehicular mayhem. Let theft, carnage ...

Voxel Fly System Requirements

Voxel Fly

What is Voxel Fly? Fly, fight and survive with your voxel machine.

Subluminal System Requirements


What is Subluminal? Subluminal is a 3D car driving platformer about gaining speed and going fas...

Real Arcade Bike System Requirements

Real Arcade Bike

What is Real Arcade Bike? Real Arcade Bike is an Arcade style bike game which is about reaching...

The Cartesian Project System Requirements

The Cartesian Project

What is The Cartesian Project? The Cartesian Project is a fast-paced first-person 3D platformin...

CarX Streets System Requirements

CarX Streets

What is CarX Streets? Get behind the wheel and explore the large city and its surroundings, fro...

You Are A Pilot System Requirements

You Are A Pilot

What is You Are A Pilot? You Are A Pilot is a 2D arcade simulator of a pilot who drives jet-pow...

eXpanSIM System Requirements


What is eXpanSIM? eXpanSIM is a universal vehicle simulator supporting VR. It offers realistic ...

Wasteland Vacation System Requirements

Wasteland Vacation

What is Wasteland Vacation? Take a road trip through a 1970s themed wasteland filled with broke...

Tartarus Invasion System Requirements

Tartarus Invasion

What is Tartarus Invasion? A 3D sci-fi space shooter game where you gather energy called "Anima...

Queen of Mountain System Requirements

Queen of Mountain

What is Queen of Mountain? There are King of Mountain challenge. And why not i cant have Queen ...

Stealth Kart System Requirements

Stealth Kart

What is Stealth Kart? Stealth Kart is racing game mixed with Real-Time Tactics for 1-3 players....

Road Gangs Simulator System Requirements

Road Gangs Simulator

What is Road Gangs Simulator? Become a gangsta in the Road Gangs Simulator. Dive into a mix of ...

RXC - Rally Cross Challenge System Requirements

RXC - Rally Cross Challenge

What is RXC - Rally Cross Challenge? Battle the world in reckless races as you bash, slide, and...

King Rabbit - Race System Requirements

King Rabbit - Race

What is King Rabbit - Race? King Rabbit - Race is a competitive multiplayer runner where you ra...

First Racer System Requirements

First Racer

What is First Racer? First Racer is a racing game with convenient arcade control, crashes, a li...

CyberMotorhead System Requirements


What is CyberMotorhead? FutuSim is a futuristic racing game with sim physics. You take part in ...

BMX Vice System Requirements

BMX Vice

What is BMX Vice? 3D Arcade BMX game with "Retrofuturistic" and "Lowpoly" aesthetics, in which ...

Rowing VR System Requirements

Rowing VR

What is Rowing VR? Rowing in VR is fun and motivates you to keep going. Let's exercise together...

Turbo Sloths System Requirements

Turbo Sloths

What is Turbo Sloths? Become the new star of the Wasteland League. Your task is to bring a mult...

Beyond Horizon System Requirements

Beyond Horizon

What is Beyond Horizon? In an atmospheric puzzle-platformer Meat & Greed, you will experience t...

Wacky Cartoon Racers System Requirements

Wacky Cartoon Racers

What is Wacky Cartoon Racers? Play with a bunch of fun cartoon characters in a racing event for...

Race Condition System Requirements

Race Condition

What is Race Condition? Arcade style racing game with focus on speed and precise handling.

Paradaice System Requirements


What is Paradaice? PARADAICE is a brutal car combat game in which strategy, fury and behind-the...

Bauer System Requirements


What is Bauer? Bauer is a side-scrolling fun little arcade game where you help a simple mouse f...

Bounty: Five O System Requirements

Bounty: Five O

What is Bounty: Five O? Bounty: Five-O is inspired by early 2000's racing games. Race on the st...

Funtasia - Furry Road System Requirements

Funtasia - Furry Road

What is Funtasia - Furry Road? Funtasia is a 2D car game where furry animals in crazy vehicles ...

Kayak VR: Mirage System Requirements

Kayak VR: Mirage

What is Kayak VR: Mirage? Kayak VR: Mirage is a jaw-dropping and exhilarating journey through b...