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These are the 1950 Free to Play PC games on GameRequirementsLab.

The Hidden Room System Requirements

The Hidden Room

What is The Hidden Room? The Hidden Room is an escape room containing various puzzles. Several ...

Kenopsia System Requirements


What is Kenopsia? Follow Amelia, a stressed and overworked gamedev (or as people in the industr...

Hoop the Loop System Requirements

Hoop the Loop

What is Hoop the Loop? This is a casual VR game where you try to hold your hoop steady so that ...

Evolution: Moon Warfare System Requirements

Evolution: Moon Warfare

What is Evolution: Moon Warfare? Low gravity sci-fi FPS team deathmatch game.

Kingdom Fall, Dawn of the Druid System Requirements

Kingdom Fall, Dawn of the Druid

What is Kingdom Fall, Dawn of the Druid? Kingdom Fall is a simple and challenging 3rd person Ac...

ITRP _ Gas Prison System Requirements

ITRP _ Gas Prison

What is ITRP _ Gas Prison? 10 minutes and you are free. Only 10 minutes and you will not be ask...

trip=true System Requirements


What is trip=true? A short visual novel about two girls, who lost the memory about past few day...

SquaredUp System Requirements


What is SquaredUp? Join Cubert, a 3rd dimensional shape, on his quest to escape the 2nd dimensi...

Serene Asylum System Requirements

Serene Asylum

What is Serene Asylum? Serene Asylum is a first-person psychological horror puzzle game. Solve ...

Into the Dangerous World I Leapt System Requirements

Into the Dangerous World I Leapt

What is Into the Dangerous World I Leapt? Follow Idony on a journey to find her brother Edus in...

Mist Legacy System Requirements

Mist Legacy

What is Mist Legacy? Mist Legacy gives you a new way to experience the thrills and adventures o...

CyberWhiskey: Guy's Room System Requirements

CyberWhiskey: Guy's Room

What is CyberWhiskey: Guy's Room? CyberWhiskey: Guy's Room is a walk and click adventure game s...

Les aventures de Fierot System Requirements

Les aventures de Fierot

What is Les aventures de Fierot? Fierot est en retard pour l'école. Guide-le à travers des fo...

UFO Checkers System Requirements

UFO Checkers

What is UFO Checkers? A classic game of checkers to play with your friends. Turn-based and them...

U-ena -Far fireworks- System Requirements

U-ena -Far fireworks-

What is U-ena -Far fireworks-? The story is set in nondescript rural junior high scool. Tomoki ...

Empire Takeover System Requirements

Empire Takeover

What is Empire Takeover? This is a fun & amazing tower crush game! Crush enemy's towers, take o...

eFootballâ„¢ 2022 System Requirements

eFootballâ„¢ 2022

What is eFootballâ„¢ 2022? From "PES" to "eFootballâ„¢" Get ready to kick off a new era of socc...

DunDun VR System Requirements

DunDun VR

What is DunDun VR? DunDun VR is a short, surreal, humorous seated or standing experience in VR....

Big Cat from Hell System Requirements

Big Cat from Hell

What is Big Cat from Hell? Itsuki Kinta was not the fastest, nor the smartest, nor the most pop...

Detective AI System Requirements

Detective AI

What is Detective AI? Become a detective and confront an assassin controlled by an artificial i...

Tile Runner System Requirements

Tile Runner

What is Tile Runner? Tile Runner, A 3D parkour game. 10 Levels, with increasing difficulty.

The Market of Light System Requirements

The Market of Light

What is The Market of Light? A short game and tech demo created with Unreal Engine 5. The playe...

Go Home, Mr. Fisk! System Requirements

Go Home, Mr. Fisk!

What is Go Home, Mr. Fisk!? Go Home, Mr. Fisk! is a challenging (im)precision platformer, where...

Dagon System Requirements


What is Dagon? Face unspeakable horrors. Succumb to madness. Welcome to a free daemonic narrati...

Super Auto Pets System Requirements

Super Auto Pets

What is Super Auto Pets? Battle against other players at your own pace in a chill auto battler!

CYBERDAD System Requirements


What is CYBERDAD? Set in the year 2078, CYBERDAD is a 2D cyberpunk gunfight dungeon crawler fol...

Welcome to Free Will - Episode 1 System Requirements

Welcome to Free Will - Episode 1

What is Welcome to Free Will - Episode 1? Welcome to Free Will - Episode 1 is the first episode...

Nuremberg: VRdict of Nations System Requirements

Nuremberg: VRdict of Nations

What is Nuremberg: VRdict of Nations? A VR investigation of the crimes against humanity committ...

Stones Keeper: Prologue System Requirements

Stones Keeper: Prologue

What is Stones Keeper: Prologue? Control your own flying castle. Take part in the campaign for ...

Space Revenge - Prologue System Requirements

Space Revenge - Prologue

What is Space Revenge - Prologue? Space Revenge - Prologue is an action-exploration game. With ...