These are the 86 Gore PC games on GameRequirementsLab.

The Necklace of Blood System Requirements

The Necklace of Blood

What is The Necklace of Blood? The Necklace of Blood is the first part of a two parts thriller ...

Combat Tested System Requirements

Combat Tested

What is Combat Tested? In Combat Tested, you must escape from the lab where you are being held ...

Frio2 - Memory of my sister System Requirements

Frio2 - Memory of my sister

What is Frio2 - Memory of my sister? A horror adventure game with a new twist that requires var...

The Raven Remastered System Requirements

The Raven Remastered

What is The Raven Remastered? London, 1964. An ancient ruby is stolen from the British Museum. ...

Frio - Lost in old town System Requirements

Frio - Lost in old town

What is Frio - Lost in old town? A horror adventure game with a various actions.

The Perfect Sniper System Requirements

The Perfect Sniper

What is The Perfect Sniper? The Romano family has taken over the city. Corrupt politicians and ...

Sorcery Jokers All Ages Version System Requirements

Sorcery Jokers All Ages Version

What is Sorcery Jokers All Ages Version? In a world where magic has become commonplace, see wha...

DYING: Reborn System Requirements

DYING: Reborn

What is DYING: Reborn? DYING: Reborn is a first-person Room Escape puzzle game in which players...

Last Day of FEAR System Requirements

Last Day of FEAR

What is Last Day of FEAR? Last Day of FEAR - the game tells the story about a detective for the...

Cold Space System Requirements

Cold Space

What is Cold Space? Fast team-based one-shot-one-kill shooter. Cold War gave a start for a huge...

Project Almighty System Requirements

Project Almighty

What is Project Almighty? Create your hero and fight crime! In Arcade combat!

DOOM VFR System Requirements


What is DOOM VFR? DOOM® VFR brings the fast-paced, brutal gameplay fans of the series love to ...

Battle Trendaria System Requirements

Battle Trendaria

What is Battle Trendaria? Shapeshifting Local Multiplayer upto 4 players Third person shooter

Cleansuit System Requirements


What is Cleansuit? Cleansuit is a retro-style graphical text adventure game where you must find...

Battle of Red Cliffs VR System Requirements

Battle of Red Cliffs VR

What is Battle of Red Cliffs VR? 「Battle of Red Cliffs VR」 provides you with the chance to ...

Armed Warrior VR System Requirements

Armed Warrior VR

What is Armed Warrior VR? Realistic VR Action Game that deals with various weapons in battle an...

Crawl Space: The Mansion System Requirements

Crawl Space: The Mansion

What is Crawl Space: The Mansion? Crawlspace: The Mansion is a single player escape game set in...

House of Velez part 1 System Requirements

House of Velez part 1

What is House of Velez part 1? House of Velez is a horror game based around stealth/puzzle elem...

The Killbox: Arena Combat System Requirements

The Killbox: Arena Combat

What is The Killbox: Arena Combat? Jump into this real-time, open eSports mobile shooter!

Case #9 System Requirements

Case #9

What is Case #9? Horror adventure in Sci-Fi style. The main character is a prisoner, kept in ja...

Wraith System Requirements


What is Wraith? Wraith is an action-packed horror survival game that lets you fight off the Wra...

Alien Rampage System Requirements

Alien Rampage

What is Alien Rampage? Your ship is in ruins. your cargo is lost... and you are one ticked-off ...

Purgation System Requirements


What is Purgation? You awake gradually. You are in a dark cell. You are drifting in and out of ...

Royal Agents: Sweet Zombie System Requirements

Royal Agents: Sweet Zombie

What is Royal Agents: Sweet Zombie? Royal Agents: Sweet Zombie is a turn-based squad game with ...

Masked Forces 2: Mystic Demons System Requirements

Masked Forces 2: Mystic Demons

What is Masked Forces 2: Mystic Demons? Are you ready to explore the underworld and kill hundre...

The Land of Pain System Requirements

The Land of Pain

What is The Land of Pain? The Land of Pain is a Lovecraftian horror adventure. After something ...

Hell Dimension VR System Requirements

Hell Dimension VR

What is Hell Dimension VR? Hell Dimension VR is an arcade-style horror FPS game. You must escap...

Evil Park System Requirements

Evil Park

What is Evil Park? Evil Park is an atmospheric horror game, based on simulating obscure situati...

Dead Alliance System Requirements

Dead Alliance

What is Dead Alliance? Dead Allianceâ„¢ is a fast-paced, multiplayer first-person zombie shoote...

Taras Bulba and platforms of Hoolion System Requirements

Taras Bulba and platforms of Hoolion

What is Taras Bulba and platforms of Hoolion? Old-school bloody 2d-shooter!